The Future of Music Lessons

Having the opportunity to take 1-on-1 lessons over the internet is a marvelous innovation. For those who always wanted to learn how to play piano or those who want their children to learn how to play the piano, online lessons can be a fantastic alternative to traditional piano lessons.  Remote piano lessons allow students a greater opportunity to learn from wherever they are geographically. You’ll find learning online is more flexible, convenient, and in many ways, more effective than the traditional lesson experience. From the outside it may seems as though you are losing something in the process of learning online that you don’t get from in-person lessons. However, you’ll quickly realize that you can communicate just about everything you could possibly want in an efficient manner over video conferencing. Once the lesson has begun, it becomes almost as if the teacher and the student were in the same room having a face-to-face lesson!

Unlike many “tutorials” you’ll find online of prerecorded videos and lessons, Cloud Piano Studio is a live, 1-on-1 studio. There are countless online piano courses, but these fail in interaction. There is no personal relationship. No incentive to practice. No motivation to work efficiently. And ultimately, these style courses are inferior to 1-on-1 lessons.

Because there is no commute, it’s easy to warm up and prep for your lesson moments before it begins. And as soon as the lesson ends, it’s more beneficial to reinforce the concepts and music you have learned directly after you have learned them.

Unlike most in-person lessons where the teacher and student are both working at the same piano, being remote gives each person their own instrument. This makes it easier for the teacher to demonstrate technique and playing without have to switch places with the student or reach at an awkward angle from the chair next to the piano.

Cloud Piano Studio lessons can work for almost anybody. Children and adults can learn equally as well via video conferencing, but it might not be for everybody. Find out if this is for you below!

How Does it Work?

Online Lessons work almost the same way in-person piano lessons function, but with just a few differences. At your lesson time, you will get a call via Zoom (free video conferencing app similar to Skype or FaceTime) and all you have to do is accept the call. Then we will be connected and ready to work! We will be able to see and hear each other and can continue as we would were we in the same room.

Demonstrating technique is super clear and easy as I can utilize multiple camera angles. It’s easy for me to show notation, hand positions, and everything I could do in an in-person lesson (see some examples of what’s possible). All you need to start is a computer or tablet with a webcam and I’ll be able to see and hear you play. However, to maximize your success and our communication, you might want to review some recommended tips and equipment.

Teaching Philosophy

Every single student has different wants and needs and private 1-on-1 lessons should reflect that. No two lessons are the same. Whether you want to learn Mozart, play by ear, sing along to your favorite standards, join your church worship band, imitate your favorite artist, or if you want to just learn how to play piano, there is an individualized path for you.

I grew up with a background in classical music and traditional piano lessons. But I soon realized there was another world of music to be discovered. Throughout my studies in college, I expanded to almost every genre and style of music. Musical Theatre, Jazz, Pop, Blues and Soul, Rock, Contemporary, and everything in-between. Although I make a living playing “commercial” music, I enjoy teaching everything that I’ve studied in my 20+ years of playing. The foundations and fundamentals of piano can carry you in any and every direction of music.

Cloud Piano Studio lessons are a well rounded combination of technique, ear training, theory, reading, and so much more. You don’t have to choose between any of those things. And every lesson is customized and designed for you.

Get started today, risk free! Lessons are paid monthly and there are no long term contracts or cancellation fees!