Asynchronous Piano Lessons

I share custom, content-rich video lessons made just for you.

You show me your progress in videos and ask questions at any time of day or night.

Your lesson isn’t simply 30 minutes long, but continuous throughout the week.

Piano Lessons will never be the same.

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How it Works

Cloud Piano Studio Asynchronous Lessons are designed for the busy student who still wants a real, live teacher. No longer are you pressed to learn everything in a single 30-minute lesson once a week. Take your lesson when you find the time. Your weekly lesson is a custom made video just for you. But there’s more…

You get the benefit of all of my tools like onscreen notation, multiple camera views, and a tailored lesson. When you have had the time to sit down and work through the lesson, you send me a video of your progress. My next video helps you progress, answers questions, and gives you the motivation to keep working. But it gets better.

“Am I playing this correctly?” You don’t have to wait a week for an answer. The platform we use is where the studio lives. Ask questions at any hour of the day or night. I can respond in text, pictures, audio, or videos and you don’t have to wait a week. Learn more below!

What is “Asynchronous?”


Live Lessons are great…for some people. But for others, a single 30-minute lesson out of their busy week can easily get buried. With divided focus directly after work or school, it may be difficult to really get the full benefit of your lesson.

With Asynchronous lessons, your lesson isn’t 30 minutes long, but continuous throughout the week. There are never scheduling conflicts. And with no time limit on your lesson, you have the time to best formulate any questions to best communicate them.

Forgetting important concepts or what you should be working on is a thing of the past. And should you not understand something small, instead of being stumped and worried about it for 6 more days until your next lesson, you have a direct line to me so you can work past it and make more progress.

About the Teacher

Robert Jarosh is a Tampa, Florida based music director, pianist, and teacher. As a keyboard player, Robert has worked on hundreds of shows, concerts, and other performances including the Broadway National Tours of Wicked, Aladdin, The Book of Mormon, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, and Andrea Bocelli in Concert.

In Florida, Robert works extensively as a pianist and keyboard player. He has been an on-call accompanist for Walt Disney World, Norwegian Cruise Line, Sea World Parks and Entertainment, and others. Robert is a staff accompanist at The University of Tampa for the BFA Musical Theatre program and has been on the staff as music director and pianist at the University of South Florida for the School of Theatre and Dance. Additionally, Robert works frequently with many Tampa area schools, theatres, actors, churches, and synagogues.

Robert maintains a busy teaching studio teaching approximately 100 lessons per month. His students range from beginner to advanced, elementary school to adults, and everything in between. As an active working pianist, Robert understands the skills that allow students to be versatile and play in many different styles and genres while mastering the fundamentals of technique and theory.


Your Schedule

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