One big part that separates Asynchronous Lessons from plain old video lessons is that they are interactive. And that is two-way street!

It is essential for those taking Asynchronous Lessons to share their successes–and struggles!–in their weekly video. In order for these lessons to be as successful as possible, the student needs to play for the teacher just like in a live lesson! Of course this is all done on your time. If you feel like recording your video at 3a, go for it.

At the end of the week after having taken your time working through our lesson, you will sit and record a short video for me. If you’re a perfectionist, you can even hit the record button 10 times in a row and pick the best take, however…

Your weekly video to me is not meant to be a perfect performance! The point of the video is to show me what worked, where you succeeded, and what you need a little more coaching on. And this is another opportunity to ask questions.

Before I craft your next lesson, I watch your video so I know exactly what to focus our lesson on for the following week!