How it Works

Cloud Piano Studio Asynchronous Lessons are designed for the busy student who still wants a real, live teacher. No longer are you pressed to learn everything in a single 30-minute lesson once a week. Take your lesson when you find the time. Your weekly lesson is a custom made video just for you. But there’s more…

You get the benefit of all of my tools like onscreen notation, multiple camera views, and a tailored lesson. When you have had the time to sit down and work through the lesson, you send me a video of your progress. My next video helps you progress, answers questions, and gives you the motivation to keep working. But it gets better.

“Am I playing this correctly?” You don’t have to wait a week for an answer. The platform we use is where the studio lives. Ask questions at any hour of the day or night. I can respond in text, pictures, audio, or videos and you don’t have to wait a week. Learn more below!