How Does It Work?

Cloud Piano Studio lessons are completely remote piano lessons. We work on new music, technique, reading, aural skills, theory, and everything else musical that you would learn in a traditional in-person lesson. Practically everything we can do in person, we can do remotely. You’ll soon forget that we are in two different places.

You probably already have everything you need to get started taking private lessons online. A computer/tablet, piano, and internet are all you need to dive in and begin your journey. The many tools I use on my end allow you to see multiple camera angles, virtual whiteboards, onscreen notation, and so much more.

Lessons occur in the comfort of your own home. Or in the Swiss Alps. Or Hawaii. Anywhere you have an internet connection and a keyboard, you can take your lesson. There’s no commute during rush hour traffic. No driving in the rain or snow. And no stress means more productive lessons, less distractions, and more progress.

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