An important part of learning anything is tracking progress, keeping your eye on the ball, and making sure you are spending your time wisely and effectively.

Enter Evernote. Evernote is a wonderful online tool that allows multiple people (ie. teacher and student) to have access to a single digital notebook. I can make notes instantly during lessons and you can read them and use them as a guide all week long. Need to hear what you should work on? We can make audio notes directly in your notebook. And the best part is, every week you can follow up with what you have worked on previously to see all of the progress you have been making and what goals we will set for the next lesson.

We can even save digital sheet music directly in Evernote so that you’re never without something to practice. PDFs and images are a breeze to attach to any note so you have instant access to any number of materials.

Since this notebook is digital, you can view it on your iPad, your phone, or online on any computer. So whether you’re in your living room or out of town, you don’t have to worry about bringing a notebook along with you.

Are you old school and prefer a notebook and a pencil? That’s cool, too. 😎