Getting the Best Sound from Zoom

Zoom was designed with large video conferences in mind. It’s amazing that you can host a 400 person conference and have everybody be heard. That being said, some of the default settings in Zoom use a few features that we, during a piano lesson, don’t want to use. Luckily, Zoom has made it easy to Enable Original Sound which will give us the clearest sound of the piano!

Enable Original Sound on PC or Mac:

Enable Original Sound on Your iPad:

If for some reason the above is not working for you, check out Zoom’s up-to-date easy to follow instructions to enable this option!

If all goes as planned and you are successful in enabling Original Sound, you will notice…absolutely no difference! The reason is that this affects the sound the I receive from you. On my end, I also have Original Sound enabled to insure you get the best sound from me, as well!

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